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Dragon Con, The W Corset and my BEST Friend

This month Ms Martha's Corset Shoppe is gearing up for Dragon Con.  If you are not familiar with this event held in Atlanta over the Labor Day holiday, allow me to enlighten you.  Lets start with 77 thousand perfectly costumed Geeks, Nerds, Cosplayers, Stars, Fans and those that love them.  The energy is palatable.  

To honor Dragon Con and to let you all know we have moved to the second floor of the Vendor Mart.... drum roll please..... We are featuring 1 corset per week.  Not only that , but we are putting it on a never before Sale.  How about 25% OFF the original price for as long as the allotted amount lasts?

I am lucky to have a best friend like Domi Miller.  I wanted to do something special for her fiftieth birthday. She is a huge Wonder Woman fan.  Folks, I mean this woman has a Wonder Woman bathroom.  I decided I would design something that makes a reference but did not copy Wonder Woman.  Domi invented the Victorian W woman.  Domi is beautiful, strong and my most fiercest friend.  She has been my cheer leader from the opening of Ms Martha's Corset Shoppe 16 years ago.

The W Corset is the result.  The leather is kid glove soft lamb with bones of steel.  It slides over the head and laces up the back giving a spectacular curve that is extremely comfortable to wear.    This corset looks as good on a 4X as it does on a S.  

This week and this week only it will be on sale for 25% OFF the price. Can you believe it? If you have been Lusting (you know who you are) over this is the time, get the W Leather Corset this week.   

Come see us at the Con.  Second floor in the back.

Ms Martha 


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