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Corsets?  Really?  Why?

These were the typical remarks I received when I was starting my business.  What was I thinking?  I had been wearing Corsets for years for costuming.  Civil War Reenactment, Comic Cons, Sexy Play and Theatre were always a special interest of mine. I knew the feeling of empowerment I had when I wore corsets.  I LOVED THAT SPECIAL FEELING.  It was costing $500 to $800 for each custom corset. The beauty and work in them is well worth it, but I couldn’t afford many.  I was an executive in the Health Care industry when it became clear that I needed something more fun where I was more in control of my future.   I decided that if I felt this way many others did too.  I found a way to design, manufacture and present corsets that were very close to custom quality at less than half the price.  It is not possible to bring them to you right now.  Traveling to major Convention Centers for very large gatherings is not happening due to Covid19. We must CHANGE.  I never tire of fitting a person and watching their face as they see themselves in the mirror.  The joy and fun of corsets does not go out of style.  This new site is my answer.  It is my hope and desire that you be able to see the quality here online.  The photography is large and in charge.  Look at the stitching, count the steel bones, see the soft lamb skin and beautiful fabrics.  Take your waist measurement and order TRUE. 

Our Mission at Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe

To create corsets and accessories that men and women of all shapes and sizes can find. To provide just what they are looking for, and at a price anyone can afford.