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A Love Letter to My Customers Whose Love for Corsets is Same as Mine

This past weekend Ms. Martha’s Corset Shoppe participated in our last traveling event.  Frolicon was a great one to end up with.  We have participated in over 150 events over the past 17 years.  I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures.  I made this decision on my own.  Ms. Martha’s is at the height of our popularity.  I can most likely get into any event in the country because I have done my very best to provide the corsets, cinchers and corsevests at the best price possible.  Most often I followed the rules.  You must KNOW this business to understand the hoops we vendors have to jump through in order to make a living doing this kind of work.  I have never loved a job like this one in my long, long working career.

My daughters are not interested in Ms. Martha’s because they still have small children, and the travel would be impossible.  Plus, you really must love Corsetry to make the right decision for your customers every time.  This is one fashion purchase where you must be the 1 true honest opinion your customer can count upon.   I have said “This is not your corset.” as many times as I have said “It doesn’t get much better than this.”  This is one of the reasons I designed so many different styles to choose from.

If you are reading this, you are most likely already a member of our small corset community.  Please feel free to invite friends to join.  I have decided to remain here on the farm with my man Christopher and my dogs, Rhett, Scarlett, Belle and Pity Pat and sell out the rest of my stock online.  It is very sad to move each of the corset styles that have more than 3 sold out sizes to our CLOSEOUT PAGE.  There is a 25% discount offered.  I am right here to answer your questions and make recommendations.

Watching and getting others to watch the reaction of a person approaching my mirror in the booth, head down, shoulders rounded, dejected and trying hard not to have any expectations...   She looks up and sees the body transformation.  The words that escape from her mouth... I will not actually type to print... IT WAS GLORIOUS and THEY PAID ME TO DO THIS.

So, I will be writing more about my time on time on the road.  Perhaps you would be interested in reading about the time this very Southern Lady from Atlanta accepted an invitation to participate in an Event in Cleveland, in February, or the time I took Best friends to the AirPort in NYC and headed out to get out of the city and 3 hours later had to call 911 to guide me out of the port facility.  I NEVER learned to back up my trailer.   It was without a doubt the most rewarding job I ever had in my 59 years of working and paying taxes.  Walking away to be with the people I love most it is ultimate good choice for me.

Love and Dangerous Curves AHEAD…

Ms. Martha Mast


Ms. Martha, I have been an admirer of your corsetry for many many years, and this isn’t about to end anytime soon. I will most likely be ordering sometime soon, as the one I own now, which you had given me some direction on, is becoming super worn out. I truly miss seeing you and your man Christopher, at events in Chicago IL. We are now in NC and there is a shortage of; well…. Lively people (LOL) here. Miss you so very much, I will be in touch sometime soon Ma’am. Love to you and yours! You are still the best!

Princess Sara July 05, 2022

Ms Martha corsets are absolutely the best corsets/cinchers available. As a full-figured woman, it isn’t easy finding garments that are in my size, let alone fit and flatter, but these beautiful corsets do!!! Ms. Martha will be sorely missed.

Lady Katherine June 27, 2022

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