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PART 1: Finding the Hyatt


I had to have a day to myself (with dogs, farm hands, assistants and SO) to process what just happened on the way to, while there and on the way home from CLEVELAND.

First of all...Who goes there from Atlanta in February? Not a good move on my part! The Trip through the Appellations was a wheel gripper. The temps were record cold. When the trucks splashed the mud and salt and snow on me my windshield stuff was frozen. I thought that if I could at least get to Cincinnati I would have an easy day the next day into Cleveland. I was extremely tired and stressed when I pulled off the road to check into a Hampton Inn. I proceeded to slide right by the entrance. I decided to take the next right and find a church or something to turn around in...It was snowing hard by now. No Church and the road is getting narrower. It was now completely dark and the road is covered in snow. There are steep drops on each side of the road. I keep going forward (20 mph), I can't see anything. Finally I come to a crossroad with a street sign. I take it into a white nothingness. The ambient temp says it is -4 outside. I can see and feel the wind blowing,I knew I had a blanket 3 waters and my winter wool coat. Another 30 minutes of driving and I think I see a pack of wolves...

Finally out in the middle of nowhere..... A BAR with an open sign. A very nice man had me follow him to the interstate. I do finally get into a hotel. This is by no means the end...more to come.

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