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PART 2: Getting Out of the Convention Center


I don't know why I am sharing this episode in my life with such detail. I suppose it is so I can remember it. I don't remember the last time I was scared... I run my business differently than most. I believe in KARMA and my story here bears out my way of getting along in this world.

It was daylight when I got to Cleveland. I found the Convention center and all I had to do was get to the loading dock where people were waiting to unload and set up my Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe. I received a message while circling the center looking for that elusive loading dock one of the couples had to leave because lunch did not agree with the she part... Ok, we can still do this if I can find the dock... Now it is snowing, I learned an important lesson the night before and I will not take a side street that is not plowed.

-People are waiting for me... I keep seeing lake Erie and thinking I don't want to be anywhere near there. I can just see myself sliding in to that cold water and my darn GPS is saying you have arrived at your location... BS. Finally I see it and I enter this narrow road 2 blocks away from the Center. We are able to get half way done before we are asked to leave. Rose called her boss without me even asking and got the time off to help me the following morning.

I leave the convention Center on my way to the Hyatt Downtown. 7 miles away. It is snowing, remember it is below 0 so everything is sticking. My GPS is telling me I am there but no hotel. I circle and circle. Finally I call the hotel. Remember I am driving a SUV and pulling a trailer. It is dark and 6:00 at night. I guess the wonderful people of Cleveland saw my GA plates and gave me a wide birth..

NO ONE ever honked or anything. Asia at the hotel guided me in step by step. Everyone was waiting. When I asked the head valet to call me a cab to follow to an open air lot to park. He said, NO MA'AM you need to come in warm up and allow us to take care of you. He also apologized profusely about their sign not working. He moved cars shoveled snow so he could park my rig on the street right in front of the hotel so the valet team could watch it.

OMG THIS IS SO MAJOR! I asked the bellman if I could see Asia. We located her and I got a huge hug. On the way up to my room the bellman was telling me a bit about the history of this beautiful landmark hotel. He also asked a few questions so he "could recommend a restaurant" 20 minutes later a bottle of wine, a bowl of soup and a salad were delivered. KARMA . God is Great...

More to come.... involving me...a simi truck a girl covered in Tats and a non English speaking man...

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