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 Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe
We are Social People. Getting together to try on Corsets is like a right of passage for some of us.
Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe
My Corsets and Champagne Parties are a way to privately enjoy our greatest passions... CORSETS.
Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe
Here is the way it works:
  • You get 5 or 6 corset motivated girlfriends or 3 couples together
  • We decide on a date and time
  • I provide you with fill in the blank invitations
You all show up here at Paradise Found where I provide Champagne and a light lunch. Your guests can lounge by the pool and await your reveal or they are welcome to watch the fitting and learn.
 Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe
I will offer you in your guest a 10% discount on all purchases made at the party.
Please go to the contact me page and email me your desired dates. I will get back to you within 24 hours.