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Customer Review Discount | I want to give you 20% OFF

This is a brand new site. Most of you have met me personally and been fitted for one of my corsets.  I have lots of Facebook page followers and great comments.  With the change mentioned in the first blog post comes the need for more interaction with you online.

I want my loyal followers to chime in and take advantage of a 20% discount on your next purchase.  Please find your existing Corset.  Write a review to get a 10% discount, add a picture of you in the corset to get a 20% discount.  I appreciate you all so much for doing this. You will be helping other customers feel confident about the sizing and quality of my corsets.  You all are what separates me from the make a quick buck sellers that don't have a clue about style or quality of corsets and waist girdle.

Happy New Year,

Ms Martha

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